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Ghost Tree Tasmania

Unique Tasmanian nature inspired designs on quality clothing and accessories.

Ghost Tree Tasmania is also involved in creating an annual community event.

This is something we do outside of the products we have on offer in our shop. We have been creating some very special Tasmanian winter bonfire events since 2014. For these occasions we join with neighbours in Longley, to build unique big wooden structures to burn, celebrating community and coming together during the darker and colder months.

The idea originated from the Burning Man Project in America. Not being able to travel to the actual location in the Nevada desert, Johan decided to create an event right in Longley, but on a smaller scale. It started with burning a hut, which turned into burning a castle, a trojan horse, a pirate ship, the Corona Virus in 2020, and finally the burning stage in 2021.

Contact us if you would like to know more about our creations for a special winter event.

The Burning Journey

2021 - Burning The Stage

In August 2021, the Longley International Hotel teamed up with Ghost Tree Tasmania’s chief builder Johan Mets again to put on a mighty winter fire and fireworks. This time it was to celebrate the Pub’s birthday and for this occasion Johan built a giant wooden Lego man structure called Freddie, standing next to a music stage.

Alongside a string of local bands providing musical entertainment, a DJ and performing artists, the day ended in the spectacular burning of Freddie, turning him into “Mr Fahrenheit," and a fanfare of fireworks.

2020 - Coronavirus

Having staged large bonfires for some years now, Johan and his neighbours decided to build something different, against the backdrop of the Corona virus spreading around the world in 2020. He decided to build a replica of this pandemic monster, and in collaboration with the Longley International Hotel, burned the wooden virus body outside the pub, along with some mighty fireworks.

It was presented as a symbolic event, giving the community the chance to celebrate the impending end of restrictions, and the beginning of a new chapter. This event sold out in no time and received a lot of publicity. It became a newsworthy story indeed and was covered by the ABC and their camera team.

2018 - Pirate Ship

A fully-fledged pirate ship with its hull, deck, sails and all the other trimmings was specially built to create this next event. A DJ played accompanying music to the dramatic burning of this unique wooden structure, entertaining the ever-growing local audience. Check out the footage to get a feel for this awe-inspiring winter burning event that brought the local community out in the cold to celebrate.

2017 - Trojan Horse

This year the team of neighbours in Longley decided to take on a new challenge in creating a grand 6m tall Trojan Horse to be set alight in a spectacular fashion. Building the structure was no quick and easy task.

The structure ended up having an uncanny resemblance to the real thing and included various well placed ignition points to ensure the impressive entrance of the Trojan horse into Longley - on Johan’s property.

2015 - The Castle

In 2015 the first burning of a wooden hut grew into the staging of a burning castle. More family, friends and neighbours got involved in building the structure and it ended up being large enough to seat 10 people for dinner in its internal castle courtyard.

Measuring 6×6 metres with 4 metre walls, it even had a jail cell and second mezzanine level. An imposing castle for any neighbourhood that went up in flames to celebrate mid-winter.

Photos by: Ray Veith | Shutterbug Walkabouts

2014 - Burning Hut

The first burning was created in 2014, after Johan’s return from his yearly expedition to Antarctica. It became the first of Johan’s many seasonal burning creations which only grew from there on.

Even though the first burning hut was small, the impact on the community was quite amazing. Creating a sense of awe, and sometimes even disbelief, that someone would burn the ‘perfect cubby house’.